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Mar. 12th, 2010 | 06:22 pm

Alfred ( aka Mr Puss and sometimes Bustopher Jones) has cancer. He was diagnosed today with fibrosarcoma (sp?) the vet said it was not an aggressive grade, and it was definitely operable. All these variables mean we have no idea how long we have with him.

the vet removed what he could and wants to see him tomorrow but he has indicated that we should expect the tumor to come back and we should watch him for dehydration and not eating (dude, cat just had surgery on his throat and mouth, it hurts to eat...) but while the prognosis is bad, it could be worse.

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(no subject)

Jun. 6th, 2009 | 03:03 am

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color help?

Jun. 5th, 2009 | 02:49 pm
mood: boredbored

ok, i have the poster that is central to my living room, and now i want to paint my living room. But it's an XPI weekend.

Do i know anybody who is any good with color and willing to drive to Fairfax VA to help me get paint. I'm looking for paint, trim and ceiling colors, but will start by just buying quarts and testing it out. But i really just need somebody to talk it out with because i'm fundamentally incapable of doing anything by myself..and i don't live in a little town where the paint guy knows me and my preferences...

I don't have a preference when to go this weekend, (day or afternoon) although i'm usually much less ill in the mornings, i can usually stand to be around me until about 4pm...

There is no requirement to help me paint and i'm wiling to meet AT the paint store if you are allergic to dogs or cats or just live in fear of my poorly behaved monsters (tm). Once the color is picked, i can do the rest of the buying, it's the picking and possibly the testing that give me the fear.

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Dear American Car Companies

Jan. 12th, 2009 | 04:15 pm
mood: amusedamused

the last time i bought a car you could have had me. You had reasonable cars for reasonable prices with reasonable gas mileage...So i went and looked at your cars. And then they told me I COULD NOT GET A STICK SHIFT.

Please understand, i have diabetes mellitis and a condition called hypoglycemia unawareness. That means when my blood sugar is deadly low, and i am unsafe to drive, i CAN NOT TELL. The stick shift in my little toyota is my reality stick. If i change gears from 5th to 3rd, or, attempt more than once to go into 6th gear, that means i need to test my blood and possibly treat it. I'm not ready to give up my stick shift. It keeps me alive.

I keep hearing how you are trying to woo back the american consumer. I figure it's only fair to tell you how.

Release your compact and full size cars (you know, like the sebring i was looking at?) with the option for what you call in the business "a five speed manual transmission" - heck, do it for ALL your cars.... That's really about all i could want. If i could've got that sebring with a manual transmission ... I'd've bought it--and you'd have me back already.

Oh, and Before you say --well, you're probably a used car customer, no...i buy a NEW car and i run it until it can no longer be run. I am the person you want to woo.

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Go Lalandergirl's boss

Nov. 5th, 2008 | 03:30 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Celtic Myth Podshow - CMP 019 - The Hawk of Achill

I sendz meeting request Subject: "I can haz normlzation?"
He sends new time suggestion comment: "I buyd you a book on data models, but i readed it"

I love my job. I love my coworkers.

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fear and loathing in presidential elections

Oct. 27th, 2008 | 02:37 pm
mood: intrigued

Fear is a tremendous motivator, especially among people who feel as if they have little or no control on their lives.

I listened to a white woman honestly say that she was afraid Barack Obama would win the election and use it to create some sort of opposite of Jim Crow where the white people were treated the same as people of color were. In fact she said the words 'payback time'.

Her opninon was not questioned, so i did not come to understand where she was coming from, but she was an older woman than me and she lived in an area that is very rural. But that is about all i know about her. But she really made me think.

Fear motivates.
After Oklahoma City and 911 people of arab descent especially those who were obviously muslim or sufi were treated with extreme anger and fear, and sometimes grievously.

These perpetrators felt out of control, and used their anger and fear to gain some measure of control.

So what happens if a man of color is elected? Certainly it is a huge change for this type of person, it is placing something that they hate as the "Leader of the Free world". So what happens? What do these people do to counter their fear of losing control of the world?

There hasn't been a lynching in 25 years. (Statement is built from a lot of radio listening indicating the last public lynching was in 1983 - i may be wrong)

In 1870something, a man of color was sent to congress in the South. Fear of this happening elsewhere created both Jim Crow and the era of lynchings....

So...what happens if he wins?

Hopefully nothing. Perhaps we will find out.

What happens if he loses?

Hopefully nothing. perhaps we will find out.

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(no subject)

Oct. 26th, 2008 | 10:57 pm
mood: chipperchipper

er, uh...seeking unbelievably shiny and tacky dress that takes a hoopskirt. size 14/16
intercon or earlier pickup?

let me know

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Roots! Kinda

Oct. 24th, 2008 | 03:36 pm
mood: excitedexcited

Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genographic Project with Dr. Spencer Wells
Monday, October 27
7:00 p.m.

Who are we? And where do we come from? The story of humanity’s journey can be found within each of us—encoded in our DNA. In 2005, National Geographic and IBM, with support from the Waitt Family Foundation, launched the Genographic Project, one of the most ambitious scientific research and public participation initiatives ever undertaken. Led by population geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells, and with over a quarter of a million people already taking part, this non-profit, anthropological initiative is studying humankind’s ancient family tree to provide the first true ‘snapshot’ of how each of us moved out of Africa and around the world 60,000 years ago. Join in this landmark study and discover your own deep ancestry with a Genographic public participation kit – available for purchase at the lecture or on the web here. Following the lecture, Dr. Wells will sign copies of his books, The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey and Deep Ancestry: Inside The Genographic Project. This event is co-sponsored with National Geographic Live! and the Genographic Project. The cost is $6, or receive 2 free tickets with the purchase of a Genographic public participation kit ($107.50), available for purchase upon entry the night of the event. Purchase tickets here.

is at sixth and i historic synagogue near chinatown

600 I Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 202/408-3100 

i'm gonna have a spare ticket since i buyin the kit. Who want to go wif me?

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Tein Seid Course Tonight - Herbalism in stav

Oct. 9th, 2008 | 10:22 am

We've never offered this course in this country before, so come out to Moonfire UUCA tonight at 7:30 to learn about how herbs integrate into the Stav mind/body/spirit system.

Tein seid - Herbalism in Stav (1.5 hr) -

Using alternate translations of the words,Tein Seid means 'thorough knowledge of the plants'. This course covers the stav approach to herbalism via the 18 Trees and Herbs and their applications on the Mott (physical body) and Megin (energy body) . This course extends from finding and gathering herbs to their uses in the body to their magical uses (charms etc) . The student should expect to leave with a good idea of the use of herbs and trees in Stav and even with one or two recipes for common ailments.

Location: Moonfire UUCA; 4444 Arlington Blvd; Arlington, VA
Date/Time: Today, 10/9/08 7:30-9pm
Cost: $30 at the door (no credit cards please) - Members of Moonfire UUCA, William Blake Lodge OTO and Ice and Fire USA receive $5 discount.

more information or to sign up online for a (further) $5 discount, visit http://iceandfire.us and choose "events".

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Beginning of The Pitman by Miki Tracey

Sep. 4th, 2008 | 01:15 pm

Yan sat upon the rock bench before the home of the Pitman fidgeting tensely. He was the Pitman’s apprentice, so it was not very odd to see him there, but eventually he was in the way. Skara Brae was not the largest city and the open courtyard was only so large. Terra finally raised her voice to him. That was when he began to cry.

She was shocked. He was nearly a grown man at 10 winters old, and grown men do not cry. But every woman in Skara Brae was as mother to him and to all the children, and she took him in her arms to comfort him.

Note: this is unresearched and uses random names not based on the prehistoric language of Orkney. Oh, and before you come after me for overaging a child, consider this. The average age of death in -2700 was 45, assuming three tiers of life, a boy is only a child until he is 15. So it's kind of like a 17 year old kid crying....

And if you played 1948 Scotland, you may see me reusing concepts. Just not many.

Creative Commons License
The Pitman by Miki Tracey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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